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ZUMTOBEL, Lichtforum (full Version)

For the best possible experience of the sound design and music, the use of headphones, HiFi-System or studio monitors is recommended.

Musicproduction for an Andreas Waldschütz Videoproduction for ZUMTOBEL.

iF Design Award 2018, Zumtobel, Andreas Waldschütz & Stefan Hoffmeister

iF Design Award 2018
Discipline: Communication

Andreas Waldschütz / Director, Camera, Editing
Stefan Hoffmeister / Music and Sound Design

A Film by Andreas Waldschütz and Lauren Cooke.
Location: Lichtforum, Dornbirn (Austria)
Talent: @jana_wieland / @wiener_models
Creativ Direction: Lauren Cooke @heirs.accessories
Camera: @waldschuetz @larius.kieninger
Editing: @waldschuetz
Music and Sound Design: @stefanhoffmeister
Text & Voice: Lauren Cooke @heirs.accessories
Hair & Make-up: @steffielamm
Post Production: Thomas Rath

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Stefan Hoffmeister // artist for recording, music, sound design