Sound of 24 Places. 24 minutes. Rough and uncut.

The ambient/noise project gives you a chance to listen to snapshots of 24 different places, 24 minutes – rough and uncut! The idea is to be at these places in you mind by an acoustic way.

The special thing is the way how these places were recorded: There was always an extra Microphone, I put into a hole, into a tree or under stones or into a machine – depending on the location and it’s special thing to me. The result is a new sound experience of listening to the known and the unknown in an unusual mix!

# 01

The additional microphone was under the stones, close to the sea. So you can listen to a sound-mix from sitting near the water listening to the waves and having an ear under the stones at the same place. Enjoy and relax to # 01/24:

# 02

The additional microphone was in the pavement water channel. You listen to a unusual sound-mix of traffic. Enjoy and relax to # 02/24: