Music production for VADIM KOSMATSCHOF: Alive

Music production for Teaser

Music production for Vadim Kosmatschof: Alive

For the best possible experience of the sound design and music, the use of headphones, HiFi-System or studio monitors is recommended.

For „Alive“ I recorded all sounds from the sculptures on site with different microphones. Contact microphones were mostly used to record the sound of the materials without ambient noise. I recorded the ambient noise with an M/S stereo setup, so that the stereo width could be changed at any time during postproduction.

A film by Andreas Waldschuetz
Camera: @farukpinjo, @berndi_revo, @waldschuetz
Drone Recording: @farukpinjo, @berndi_revo
Object Recording, Music & Sound Design: @stefanhoffmeister
Editing: @waldschuetz
Assistans: Christian Friedrich, @ninaveech

Vadim Kosmatschof @kosmatschof_sculpture
In Association with @veech_x_veech

Proud and happy to be part of this amazing exhibition with a film about some of Vadim’s large scale sculptures!


Vadim Kosmatschof: Breathing Sculpture

17.05. – 19.08.2018
New Tretyakov, Krymsky Val, 10, halls 80–8

Exhibition content: more than 60 works – sculptures, paintings, graphics, porcelain.
Curators: Kirill Svetlyakov, Anna Mapolis / Moscow, Peter Noever / Vienna
Exposition: Kirill Svetlyakov, Nina Divova
Exhibition Design: Veech X Veech / Vienna
Scientific program: Georg Schölhammer / Vienna