Sounddesign and music created for an Andreas Waldschütz video production for marte.marte architects – a new kind of  avantgarde-architecture-film.

Teaser for marte.marte architects – Appearing Sculptural

„It was major to capture the real and authentic feeling of the architecture by itself, the materials of the objects are built with and the locations they are set in and surrounded by. That’s why I recorded the noises and sounds at the respective original locations and the materials of the buildings to express the uniqueness of nature and architecture.“

Architecture by marte.marte.
Films by Andreas Waldschuetz.
Location Recording, Music and Sound Design by Stefan Hoffmeister.

For the best possible experience, the use of headphones, HiFi-System or studio monitors is recommended.

5 of the 6 videos of Marte.Marte Architects „Appearing Sculptural“ were shown at exhibition
XV Architecture Biennale in Venice
28 Mai – 27 November 2016.

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