SH-Logo-skizzeThe sound sketches were created by the inspiration of small situations and big moments, art and architecture as well as machines and nature. Similar to a notebook, Stefan Hoffmeister recorded, collected and processed short video sequences and photos mostly with his mobile phone.
This growing series of published sound sketches, which combine image and sound, has the ambition to tell an intuitive and authentic story of a brief moment by Stefan Hoffmeister and to make it tangible – audiovisually, in his own personal way.

For the best possible experience of the sound design and music, the use of headphones, HiFi-System or studio monitors is recommended.

Sound Sketch 003
Inspiration: Frozen forest

Frozen forest – closed to Hellsee. Hellsee is a natural lake in the south-east of Lanke in the Brandenburg district of Barnim.
Foto/Video, Recording and Music by Stefan Hoffmeister.

Sound Sketch 002
Inspiration: River in the fog

Berlin, from the Oberbaum Bridge with a view over the Spree in the direction of Treptow.
Foto/Video, Recording and Music by Stefan Hoffmeister.

Sound Sketch 001
Inspiration: Central Post Office Barcelona

Plaça d´Antonio López, s/n
The Central Post Office was designed by Josep Goday i Casals and Jaume Torres i Grau and was built in 1927.
The hall is illuminated by sunlight filtering through the impressive central glass dome.
Foto/Video, Recording and Music by Stefan Hoffmeister.

More sound sketches to follow!

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