Music production for VeeCollective: Spring/Summer 2018

A film for VeeCollective S/S 2018 by Andreas Waldschütz.

Camera: Andreas Waldschütz, Lukas Rotter
Editing: Andreas Waldschütz
Recording artist, music & sound design: Stefan Hoffmeister
Vocals: Claus Patrick Löwe & Terese Nana-Yaa
Styling: Urschler + Urschler
Hair & Make-up: Patricia Hoos
Talent: Terese Nana-Yaa, Simon Schubert (Izaio Management)

„With black and white past, Berlin today is colourful, vibrant, vivid. Our culture is our people.
What we have in common: we trust ourselves, our abilities and our choice of lifestyle. We do not follow, we create.
Together we are VeeCollective!“