For the best possible experience of the sound design and music, the use of headphones, HiFi-System or studio monitors is recommended.


Music production for ZUMTOBEL. Video by ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ. (short Version)

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Music production for VeeCollective. Video by ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ.

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Music production for LILI RADU. Video by ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ.

Music production for MICA-DESIGN. Video by ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ.

Music production for ElektroCouture. Video by ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ.

„In 1958, Marlene Dietrich wrote a letter – she wanted an interactive dress that glows! 
However, the dress never happened – technology was just not ready for Marlene’s vision.
Finally, in 2017, ElektroCouture made her wish come true.“

Music production for ALYSSA BONI (SCHÖN!) Fashionfilm LIKE NIGHT AND DAY.More at SCHÖN!

Video is still password protected – until end of 2017. Please ask for password to get access watching the upcoming video by Andreas Waldschütz with the industrial sound (by Stefan Hoffmeister) of producing handmade de luxe aluminium spectacle frames of PAWAKA.

Music production for KAI DUNKEL Fashion film KRONOS.

Music production for KAI DUNKEL Fashion film EXITUS.

Music production for KAI DUNKEL Fashion film OMINOUS.

Music production for ZUMTOBEL “The Light” at Kunsthaus Bregenz, exhibition WAEL SHAWKY. Video by ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ.


Sounddesign and music created for an Andreas Waldschütz video production for marte.marte architects – a new kind of  avantgarde-architecture-film.

Teaser for marte.marte architects – Appearing Sculptural

„It was major to capture the real and authentic feeling of the architecture by itself, the materials of the objects are built with and the locations they are set in and surrounded by. That’s why I recorded the noises and sounds at the respective original locations and the materials of the buildings to express the uniqueness of nature and architecture.“

Architecture by marte.marte.
Films by Andreas Waldschuetz.
Location Recording, Music and Sound Design by Stefan Hoffmeister.

For the best possible experience, the use of headphones, HiFi-System or studio monitors is recommended.

Ebnit Bridges / Schanerlochbridge and Schaufelschluchtbridge | Dornbirn

Mountain Cabin | Laterns

Diöcesanmuseum | Fresach

Alfenzbridge | Lorens

Outdoor Museum Roman Villa | Rankweil

Maiden Tower | Dafins

5 of the 6 videos of Marte.Marte Architects „Appearing Sculptural“ were shown at exhibition
XV Architecture Biennale in Venice
28 Mai – 27 November 2016.

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Sound of 24 Places. 24 minutes. Rough and uncut.

The ambient/noise project gives you a chance to listen to snapshots of 24 different places, 24 minutes – rough and uncut! The idea is to be at these places in you mind by an acoustic way.

The special thing is the way how these places were recorded: There was always an extra Microphone, I put into a hole, into a tree or under stones or into a machine – depending on the location and it’s special thing to me. The result is a new sound experience of listening to the known and the unknown in an unusual mix!

# 01

The additional microphone was under the stones, close to the sea. So you can listen to a sound-mix from sitting near the water listening to the waves and having an ear under the stones at the same place. Enjoy and relax to # 01/24:

# 02

The additional microphone was in the pavement water channel. You listen to a unusual sound-mix of traffic. Enjoy and relax to # 02/24: