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After producing „computer music“ since 2011, now I enjoy the concept as TAILOR WAVE, to make „no computer music“ with hardware synths, drum computer and effects. To be limited in instruments and trying to get the most output of minimal equipment is a new way to me. I want to explore new ways to get inspired by the hardware itself, by the pros and cons of an instrument.

If you like this way, join me on my journey into deep worlds of noise, ambient, techno, alternative and wherever the sound experiments lead. It’s the world of TAILOR WAVE.



Currently I’m in the studio again to develop ideas for the next tracks: It looks like there will be a little musical surprise. Because after the last ambient tracks, which went rather into noisy spheres, this time I will work not only with one synthesizer, but with a bass synthesizer and a drum computer & sampler in connection with a special effect device.
No computer music! Everything spontaneously recorded live!

New ambient track released August 3, 2023:
My study of beauty has releaved how fragile and ephemeral nature is despite its power. And yet it all seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

Tailor Wave - cover: beauty

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